Maintaining Your Wooden Plates and Bowls

April 11, 2024

Maintaining Your Wooden Plates and Bowls

Are you afraid to buy wooden plates and bowls because they might be too hard to maintain? Did someone tell you a nightmare story about mold growing on their woodware?
While acacia dinnerware may last for a lifetime, they need TLC just like your other kitchenware and furniture at home. But don't worry, there are some easy ways to clean and preserve your beautiful bowls and plates.
If your wooden wares are freshly made, there may be a scent of polish used. Food-safe finish is applied to protect wooden wares from moisture and damages. Upon receipt of your wooden plates and bowls, make sure to wash them thoroughly. Using them with hot soup (or any liquid with high temperature) is not advisable.
Do not leave food (especially the oily ones) on your wooden wares to keep them from turning rancid. You can wash the wooden wares with mild dishwashing detergent, a soft sponge, and water. After wiping off water from the wooden wares, let them dry. If your plate or bowl begins to smell, cut a lemon and run it across the entire surface. Do not soak the bowls and plates in water for too long or overnight as it may cause cracks or, worse, may grow molds. These wooden wares are usually not dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.
Your woodenware may get scratches from utensils or may appear dull or feel dry to the touch over time. They may need some seasoning. Apply food-grade mineral oil, beeswax, or unrefined coconut oil occasionally, then air dry before storing. You can also check out Luid Lokal Wood Balm. Seasoning your plates and bowls once every three months is usually enough, but it still depends on how often you use your wooden wares.

Store your wooden wares in a cool, dry location when they are not in use. If you are storing them in cabinets, take them out and air them from time to time.

Acacia wooden plates and bowls are surely elegant pieces you can have in your kitchen and dining room. By following the above care tips, you will surely see their beauty shine more in the years to come.

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