Luid Lokal: Business With a Purpose

September 20, 2022

Luid Lokal is not just any run-off-the-mill kitchenware store. We put our hearts into serving our clients and making sure we offer high-quality woodware products that are not only durable but also sustainable.

Why Luid Lokal is a sustainable choice?

We believe that sustainability is all about minimizing waste and maximizing the use of a product. As staunch advocates of this, we stand behind our products when we say it’s durable, biodegradable, and responsibly sourced. Allow us to break these points down below:


Ever experienced a utensil break on you? With woodware, it’s less likely to happen as wooden kitchenware can withstand great impact. If you have kids around (because let’s face it, glass can be pretty but doesn’t last long with kids) and you don’t want to compromise your style, a set of wooden plates and bowls might be the one you’re looking for.


Materials such as plastics, glass and metals take time to decompose even after several years. In fa ct, glassware will most likely to remain completely intact in decades. Woodware, on the other hand, can easily decompose or be used for other purposes. wooden bowls woodware

Responsibly Sourced

Luid Lokal woodware is made from responsibly sourced raw materials. Rest assured that our operations, from sourcing materials to production, are done in accordance to the standards of local government and other involved agencies.

Sustainably Sourced

All woodware is made of acacia wood which is also one of the most sustainable type of trees in the country. Besides its abundance in the country, acacia trees can grow in any type of soil without needing fertilizer. Ecologically, it means acacia trees need fewer resources which means leser environmental impact. 
If you’re an eco warrior or someone who simply wants to be mindful with their lifestyle choices, you can rest easy knowing that all the woodware you’re buying from Luid Lokal are biodegradable, responsibly sourced, and durable. All of these without compromising your style.