Six Wooden Kitchenware Myths You Need to Unlearn

March 25, 2024

Six Wooden Kitchenware Myths You Need to Unlearn

Love the warmth and beauty of woodware? Us too! But sometimes, myths and misconceptions can hold us back from embracing this awesome sustainable choice. So, let's clear the air and get the real story on woodware!

Myth #1 Wooden kitchenware are not eco-friendly

Nope! Responsible wood sources like tree farms and recycled wood ensure sustainability. Rest assured, Luid Lokal ensures that the raw materials used in our acaciaware were sustainably sourced. We care about the environment just as much as we care about creating beautiful wood products for your home.

Myth #2 Woodware require high maintenance

Not quite! Most woodware just needs occasional love with natural oils or wax. Plus, wood gets even prettier over time, developing a cool, aged look.

Myth #3 Wooden spoons are breeding ground for germs

Studies show that properly cleaned wooden utensils can be less germy than plastic ones. Wood's natural properties fight off bad bacteria.

Myth #4 Wooden dinnerware are expensive

There's woodware for every budget! Handcrafted pieces showcase amazing skill, while mass-produced ones can be quite affordable.

Myth #5 Acacia is scratch-proof

While acacia is known for its resilience, it's not entirely scratch-proof. However, compared to other hardwoods, it offers superior scratch resistance. With proper care and use, your acacia woodware can stay beautiful for years to come.  

Myth #6 You need to boil your wooden spoons to keep it clean

Traditionally, boiling was used to sanitize new woodenware. However, with proper cleaning and drying, boiling isn't always necessary. For everyday cleaning, warm water and gentle dish soap work best.

By debunking these myths, we can appreciate the true value of woodware. Sustainable sourcing, responsible craftsmanship, and timeless aesthetics make wood a perfect choice for the eco-conscious consumer. So, embrace the beauty and functionality of woodware – it's a sustainable and stylish choice for your home.